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Expediciones Andinas is owned and managed by the internationally renowned mountaineer and professional mountain guide, instructor, author and naturalist, Marco Cruz Arellano , who has extensive experience climbing all peaks in Ecuador and the highest peaks in South America. Mr. Cruz has participated and led expeditions in Alaska, Africa, the Alps and the Himalayas. He brings 30 years of proven mountaineering experience to Expediciones Andinas making every outing safe, well planned and most enjoyable.

We offer a unique opportunity to experience Ecuador’s natural beauty and culture while providing the highest quality and safety available. Expediciones Andinas has invested many years of effort to bring the best service available to its guests. Our goal is to provide a unique and unforgettable experience. We are confident that you will not find a better value, no matter how hard you look!  

Given our many years of experience in the service of our clients, and given our intimate knowledge of the mountains and destinations of interest in Ecuador, we are able to arrange tailor made tours for those who request them.  Furthermore, given that we are a local operation, owned by locals and with our roots spread deep, we know the territory and we know how to cover it.

This is a claim that few, if any of our competitors can make.  Our hearty infraestructure allows us flexibility in meeting our client's needs and allows us more autonomy than other operators.  While we have pre-arranged climbing and trekking packages available, we can accomodate special requests and give advice on organizing and planning expeditions for groups that wish to tailor their own itineraries.

Unlike most tour companies offering similar services in Ecuador, Expediciones Andinas is focused solely on Mountaineering , Trekking  and Expeditions . We focus exclusively on these areas and do not spread ourselves thin by trying to be everything to everybody. We are a full service operator and we do not sub-contract services other than over-night lodging in some locations. This focus allows us to bring the highest quality service to our clients. We promise safety, experience, consistency and fun.

Expediciones Andinas emphasizes designing its packages around Ecuador’s fascinating culture. The ability to present an in depth experience of Ecuador’s culture is due to our vast knowledge of Ecuador and its peoples and our many years of experience in studying the country’s diverse community. Among the places of interest to visit are the Indian markets, archeological sites and monuments, ethnic groups, and artisan facilities and workshops. Our policy of conservation of nature, as well as the early cultures, allows this special kind of tourism which is respectful of the environment, its inhabitants, their traditions and way of life

Your safety is a top priority for us at Expediciones Andinas . We have taken measures in order to provide the highest safety standards. These include a full equipment check before the beginning of an outing, providing several guides on each climb, that is, the lead guide and support guides, constant route monitoring to determine the condition and safety of given routes throughout the year, etc. We have built our reputation on combining successful summits with common sense and experience.






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Climbing - El Cotopaxi - click to enlarge
Climbing a rock. Quilindana - click to enlarge
Indian Market. Colta - click to enlarge
High Camp. El Tunguruhua - South West Route - click to enlarge