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Expeditions can be tailored to a variety of tastes. Among those available are expeditions to the Sangay National Park to climb Ecuador’s most active volcano "El Sangay" and to "El Altar", the most beautiful and also the most technically difficult mountain of Ecuador,  a challenge for climbers and expeditioners. Special expeditions can also be arranged to observe the flora and fauna in various ecological environments at different altitudes of Ecuador and can be arranged for the avid explorer as well as the beginner.

SANGAY (5,230 meters). This volcano is a world re-known attraction for mountain climbers. It is not only a joy to reach the crater, which is always erupting, it is also a fascinating experience to observe volcanic formations, vegetation, trees and páramos, and of course, the continuous explosions and lava surrounding the ice.

Team near the active crater. El Sangay - click to enlarge

Sangay Expedition

Altars's North Peaks from the Caldera - click to enlarge

ALTAR (5,404 meters). The Altar is the most beautiful mountain of Ecuador. It is an old volcano, very eroded by glaciers. It appears like a crown of diamonds over the backbone of the Eastern cordillera, surrounded by unaltered vast wild zones of páramo, where deer, bears and condors can be sighted.

El Sangay from Second Camp - click to enlarge
Base Camp. Collanes Valley on the foot of The Altar - click to enlarge

Altar (Capa Urcu) Expedition




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